Get Your Flooring From One Of The Leading Wood Flooring Stores In San Antonio

Wooden floors have always been popular for both residential and commercial properties. This popularity can be explained by the excellent visual appeal of the flooring, and the fact that it lasts for many years. If you are building a property or planning a renovation and you want to install wooden floors, you need to buy the material from one of the reputable wood flooring stores in San Antonio.

Choosing the most suitable wooden floor is essential. The different kinds of timber available include red oak, white oak, walnut and cherry among others. You also need to decide if to install a high-quality reclaimed timber floor, which is potentially costly, or an affordable yet durable laminate floor. Timber differs and choosing the right option involves more than selecting a preferred color. The experts at Hammond Wood Floors can help you select the most suitable option based on your needs, preferences and budget.

We are a passionate timber floor store and we offer professional timber floor installation services. We can work closely with you to ensure that the installation process is straightforward. We also offer sanding and finishing services. Whether you need some inspiration o you know precisely what you want, we can provide you with a quality-assured and tailored wooden floor solution.

Our operatives are fully qualified and certified to offer installation or other services for all kinds of wooden floors available. Experience matters when it comes to dealing with issues like uneven subfloors, concrete subfloors that are newly poured and underfloor heating. We stand by our timber products and our work.

We offer a guarantee on the craftsmanship of our floor installation projects. We also offer a survey service to make sure that the floor area is inspected thoroughly before e perform the installation. If we find any problems, we can rectify them. Due to our experience that spans several years, we offer high-quality wood products and services at reasonable prices.

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