Benefits Of Wood Floor Restoration In San Antonio

As you work to renovate your home, you’ll want to pay particularly close attention to certain areas. The floorboards themselves, for example, will need to be restored under the watchful eye of reputable professionals. We can help you with this task and ensure it turns out wonderfully! For wood floor restoration in San Antonio, we’ve got you covered.

First and foremost, you’ll need to see if you have hardwood boards within your house. In some cases, they will be hidden away under dusty carpets or rugs that have lain in place for years. Removing the carpets will be the first step toward examining the current condition of the wood itself.

We can help you determine which kind of tree was used to build your house. Oak, maple, cherry, pine, and magnolia all have different properties that will make each of them slightly different to restore. Some woods also respond better to certain lacquers than others.

In some cases, replacement boards might need to be fitted and cut in areas where the old material has begun to degrade through time. This ensures that the infrastructure itself remains sturdy. All changes that are made to either the interior or the exterior of a home must be demonstrated to be up to code.

We’re dedicated to transparency and will always give a price quote right away. You’ll then know what to expect with the restoration process. Our price quotes are competitive and reliable, and you can count on us to give a trustworthy cost break-down of all segments of the project.

You can rely on us for efficient work every step of the way. We’ll restore your floor so that it resembles a Victorian mansion! You’ll be proud to show it off to guests when they next arrive for a visit and a bite to eat.

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