Why We Are The Best Wood Flooring Refinisher

Are you looking for a competent wood floor installation and maintenance company in San Antonio, TX metro area? Hammonds Wood Floor has the best-skilled professionals in wooden surface installation, sanding, maintenance, and installation services. Whether you want to change your current floor setting or remodel it, we are the best in San Antonio. Call 210-341-2722 for a free quote today from your reliable wood flooring refinisher.

Wooden floors not online add color and pomp to the house but increase its value significantly. Let us turn your house into a unique piece by using the most durable hardwood materials. Our professionals are trained to work with different woods, and their craftsmanship is top-notch in each floor beautification process. We use high-quality materials and adhere to best practices when installing or repairing floors.

We are an efficient running company that believes in the fast completion of our wood floor sanding projects. Our team uses recent technology in applying wax and paints to ensure the floor is left spotless and shining. Irrespective of how long the wooden floor has been in place, we can restore it to its original beauty and match it with your interior aesthetics.

With modern equipment and quality materials, we protect your floors using the most advanced materials. All our floors and other wooden surfaces are screened and coated to enhance their protection against scratches and quick paint fading. Our highly trained experts use safe and non-pollutant sanding materials when sanding the surfaces. Your safety during the remodeling process is our number one concern.

Are you still wondering if we are the best wood flooring restoration contractors for you? We have the requisite licenses and certifications. We offer accurate estimates and provide the most competent services across San Antonio, TX. Every project is assigned to a particular manager for efficiency and great customer service.

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