Five Reasons To Invest In Hardwood Flooring In San Antonio

Carpeted floors certainly have their appeal. These floor coverings help mute sound so that building residents can enjoy optimum noise control. They also provide warmth in open spaces by helping to trap more warm air in. For higher levels of sophistication and a healthier home environment overall, however, following are five reasons why you might want to invest in hardwood flooring in San Antonio instead.

These surfaces offer timeless beauty that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your entire living environment. They have been a valued part of interior design for centuries, and with good reason. Unlike colored carpet fibers, these floors can coordinate well with just about any design element or theme. Thus, they will look good with the decor that you have in your home today, but they will still fit in with your interior plans if you renovate and redecorate in the future.

Hardwood is also incredibly enduring. It can stand up to a lot of traffic without showing any significant signs of wear and tear. You don’t have to worry about dark-colored stains resulting from spills or other accidents. Small messes can be easily wiped up, and if you’re diligent in ongoing maintenance, very few professional board replacements or repairs will be required throughout the decades.

People love just how easy these surfaces are to maintain. This is especially true when there are pets in the home. You won’t have to invest in any special vacuums or brushes to get stubborn dog or cat hairs up. Sweeping and wiping up minor spills with a damp mop should suffice. In some homes, properly installed and diligently maintained hardwood floors have lasted entirely problem-free for many decades.

In terms of air quality, transitioning to all-wood floors can lead to tremendous improvements all throughout the home. Unlike carpeting that collects and retains dirt, dander and other airborne particulates, these floors do not retain any potential allergens at all. With regular cleaning and dust removal, everyone in the home can breathe much easier.

A lot of property owners are investing in our hardwood floors due to the enhanced marketability that they provide. This is an excellent flooring choice whether you are fixing up a house to flip, or planning the interior design for your primary residence. At Hammonds Wood Floors, we are committed to offering our clients reliable value, and flooring solutions that are guaranteed to last. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our latest and most popular floor designs.

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