Hardwood Flooring Installers In San Antonio TX

The beauty of hardwood floors has caused a return to the flooring types of past generations. They are aesthetically appealing, easy to clean, and can be readily repaired when marred or scratched. They avoid the dust and mold buildup which can occur with carpets and rugs. Are you looking for information about hardwood flooring installers in San Antonio TX? If you need to find a contractor able to do flooring installation, we can help. Hammonds Wood Floors is recognized as the most reliable and trusted firm of its type in the San Antonio, Texas area.

The family-owned and operated firm is well known in the area. The local reputation for impeccable craftsmanship throughout southern and central Texas communities continues to attract more customers. In part, this growth is due to the continued commitment of our professional employees. They are focused on ensuring the satisfaction of every client in our customer base. Our professional workforce averages three decades of experience within the company.

When your floors start to show wear and tear, our experts can provide you with hardwood floor sanding and finishing services. We stain and restore the appearance of any of the wood flooring types we offer. Our customers are business owners and homeowners as well. If you are dealing with damaged floors which have accumulated gouges, scuffs, faded patches or general worn areas. The sanding and finishing team will restore the original beauty of wood material. You will have results which give the floors a like-new appearance which matches the aesthetics of your interior decor.

We provide premium finishing services for historic floors that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the product and preserves the storied look of the product while rejuvenating color and surface quality. If your floors have gone dull or if your materials could simply use a fresh coat of stain, professional finishing services from Hammonds Wood Floors is affordable and detailed.

We welcome homeowners and business owners alike who have damaged floors that contain scuffs, gouges, faded patches, or just general wear and tear. At Hammonds Wood Floors, our sanding and finishing team can restore the original beauty of your wood material and give it a brand new appearance that matches your interior design aesthetic.

We offer a wide selection of historic hardwood floors as well as installation services, sanding & finishing services, and more. We serve Alamo Heights, Helotes, Leon Valley, Universal City, Selma, Seguin, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and surrounding TX communities.

When you need information about reliable hardwood flooring contractors in San Antonio, we have the answers. You can call 210-341-2722 for a free quote today!

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