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Searching for Professional Hardwood Floor Repair Service Near San Antonio, TX?

Hammonds Wood Floors is proud to provide emergency hardwood repair and maintenance services to homeowners and businesses in the Central and Southern Texas regions, in addition to our professional installation, sanding, and finishing services. Even if you’re dealing with a single cracked board that’s creating quite an eyesore for your home or business, the hardwood flooring professionals at Hammonds Wood Floors can repair and revitalize your flooring and address other needs such as staining or discoloration, long term damage, and other potential safety concerns.

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Inspections & Estimates

If your property’s hardwood flooring is in need of repair or maintenance, Hammonds Wood Floors is available to provide you with industry-leading craftsmanship and service.

We’re also available to perform inspections and provide you with an accurate estimate if you’re unsure of the exact extent of the flooring damage. Best of all, the repair and maintenance work we provide here at Hammonds Wood Floors is performed by our in-house experts who are NWFA Certified to exceed the industry standard in repair craftsmanship and technique.

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If you would like to learn more about our San Antonio-based hardwood flooring showroom or the repair and maintenance services we provide, please contact us today!