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Seeking Custom Hardwood Sanding Services Near San Antonio, TX?

The flooring experts at Hammonds Wood Floors are ready to provide you with premium hardwood flooring sanding and finishing services that can stain and restore the look of any wood flooring we provide. We welcome homeowners and business owners alike who are dealing with damaged flooring that contains scuffs, gouges, faded patches, or just general wear and tear. At Hammonds Wood Floors, our sanding and finishing team can restore the original beauty of your wood material and give it a brand new appearance that matches your interior design aesthetic.

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Color Matching and Staining

Aside from our custom sanding and finishing services, Hammonds Wood Floors also provides color matching and staining services to help property owners capture the exact shade or hue that works perfectly for their interior layout. We also offer screening and coating to add even more protection and longevity to our premium materials that are already selected for their high quality and durable characteristics. And for homeowners and businesses that wish to restore the quality of their flooring without adding to their indoor air pollution, Hammonds Wood Floors is proud to offer dustless sanding, made possible with our advanced onsite sanding equipment and professional technique.

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